"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food."


​Injera is usually served on a very big round metal tray. Different dishes are put on top of it – depending on your order. Traditionally injera is served with different types of wots. Wot is a mixture of vegetables, meat and sauces. There is doro wot with chicken, siga wot with beef, or shiro wot which is chickpeas flour stew.

Injera is shared – there will be a plate to share with your friends. You should eat injera using your hand: tear of a piece of it, scoop some food with it and put it directly into your mouth. Remember to eat with your right hand as left is considered unclean.

Don't be surprised if your Ethiopian friend tries to feed you – it's a gesture of friendship and respect and you should accept it no matter how strange it might seem to you – this tradition is called gursha.